Tranny outfit

Shemale bondage gallery from Luci May - 14
I’ve been invited to a fetish party tonight, so naturally, i had to go shopping for a sexy new tranny outfit. These horny black boots caught my eye and i just knew i had to have them right away. These are some real slutty black fetish boots and i pictured myself wearing them for all the naughty boys tonight and making their rods hard.

Little tranny panties

Shemale bondage gallery from Luci May - 5
Master was very unhappy today as i’d been neglecting my duties around the house and i knew i’d been in for a dose of punishment. I’d left the washing out on the line and it had rained, making them smell dirty. All my fresh little tranny panties will need to be done again, but not until master had punished me. He made me take all the clothes pegs down to the dungeon and then it began. He threw some rope at me and told me to tie my slutty tranny legs together, i’d been opening them far too much lately and he was not impressed. I bound my legs tightly together, it was so uncomfortable and i was whining like a little tranny wench. he told me to shut up and take off my panties because if i couldn’t take care of the washing, i certainly wasn’t allowed to wear any!

Transvestite leg covered in horny stockings

Shemale bondage gallery from Luci May - 28
I love hiding something a bit naughty under my long, flowing dresses. My favourite is some sexy stockings and panties as it makes me feel like one of those French Ra-Ra dancers! Hitching my skirt up and flashing some transvestite leg covered in horny stockings, giving the boys a glimpse of what they could take home tonight. A tgirl slut with a nice and hard member, that’s ready for anything!

Panty-covered cock

Shemale bondage gallery from Luci May - 3
Teacher! Teacher! Look at me! I’m rubbing my panty-covered cock when I’m supposed to be studying for my Whore 101 test! Don’t you think that I deserve to be punished too? Not yet? Well then I’ll be extra naughty and bad. I stroke myself harder and harder until I start to feel the rush of a tgirlorgasm. I pull my wet knickers quickly to the side, and burst all over my bed and my new bondage magazine. That’s it! I’ve been a very naughty little tgirl, and it’s time to bend over my desk for a spanking. I slide my skirt up and shake my panty-covered ass. My skimpy, femme underthings come down next, sliding off my round arse and down my legs. My sexy bottom is just begging to be spanked…maybe even shagged hard afterwards!

Crossdresser maid

Shemale bondage gallery from Luci May - 29
A friend of mine has expressed interest in getting a maid lately and as i’ve had a crush on him for sometime, i said i could help him out. I got dressed up in a really cute, but actually quite nasty, crossdresser maid outfit and headed to his house. Ready to clean his house and hopefully his hard rod. He was a little surprised when he opened to the door at first, but soon that turned into something else. I pranced aroun with my feather duster for a while, bending over and flashing my tgirl secret at him while he sat back on his sofa and inspected my work from afar. Secretly he was inspecting my tranny cock though, i knew it and he knew it. Once i finished, i asked him if he needed anything else cleaning. He happily replied, with a glint in his eye, as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard member.

Sexy crossdresser body

Shemale bondage gallery from Luci May - 18
Everytime i get a sexy new underwear set, i always end up performing a naughty little strip tease and luckily for you, i had my camera man handy! I got a new pink teddy to hug my sexy crossdresser body tight and the tightest pair of pink panties that i could find. My tranny candy wasn’t hidden at all and i could see my camera man admiring it. I slowly slipped out of my silk mini skirt and let him look me up and down, all the time my crossdresser cock was growing larger with excitement, i realised then and there that i wanted shaft in my mouth and his will do.

Naughty T-girl

Shemale bondage gallery from Luci May - 4
I’m being such a naughty tgirl wench at the moment and i can’t seem to stop myself from masturbating in public. I love to get dressed up in some sexy crossdresser wear and take a walk around my local park and look out for horny looking guys and give them the all knowing wink, hoping to get followed into a more secluded area so the tranny fun can start. Once i’m alone with my latest fuck toy, i slowly pullup my tight skirt, revealling the transvestite bulge in my little panties. They always like what the see and i just love to put on a quick show. Pulling at my transvestite rod slowly as they start to unzip, showing me a nice hard member that’s ready for me to suck. My panties already around my ankles, i get onto my knees and start to suck.

New crossdresser fantasy

Shemale bondage gallery from Luci May - 30
Everyday i like to act out a new crossdresser fasntasy of mine and today i was thinking about being a nasty tranny secretary, staying late after work to get my boss to give me a nice big pay rise. I put in a sexy little tartan mini skirt that barely covered my tgirl tush, along with some black nylon stockings with matching garter belt and of course, my hair in cute pigtails. I imagined being behind my desk at work facing my boss and really needing a payrise! To tempt him, i’d keep flashing my little transvestite panties under the desk and when i saw him paying attention, maybe i’d drop a pencil and bend over slowly to pick it up, revealing my long tgirl legs and arse. I’d drive him wild by just teasing him with my tgirl body and when i knew his shaft was getting hard, i’d slide down my panties and show him my transvestite candy. Maybe i’ll ask for a company car too.

Dressed up for some fucking

Shemale bondage gallery from Luci May - 19
I’m all dressed up for some fucking and I’m waiting for one of my boy sluts to come over. He’s promised me a whole night of hot, sweaty shagging and it has me all erect and wet! I shaved my legs and painted my nails for him. I even did my makeup just the way he likes it so that he can errupt on my pretty tgirl face with wave after wave of hot, yummy cum! The only problem is that I’m not sure I can hold out until he arrives.

Helpless crossdresser fuck

Shemale bondage gallery from Luci May - 20
I just love anything fetish! Especially getting my hands and cock constricted so i feel so exposed and helpless, it makes a transvestite slut like me just go crazy. I’m often getting master to tie me up in the dungeon and abuse me, he looks to take lots of photo’s of me looking like a helpless crossdresser fuck toy but deep down i really enjoy it.